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Buy Art

You can buy all the artworks in Ærø Kunsthal.

The first art galleries were created 150 years ago because new artists wanted to exhibit and sell their works. We also have that idea in Ærø Kunsthal, and therefore we have invited some interesting artists to exhibit with us.

Artists will love it if you feel like buying a work from them. By buying that work, you support the artist and the very idea of ​​showing good art on a small island.

Next to each picture is its title, price and size. If you want to buy online, send us an email and let us know which artist you want to buy a work from.

If you want to buy a work when you are in the art hall, please contact one of our employees in our museum shop, who will be pleased to help you.


You can choose to take the artwork with you - we wrap it.
Or you can have it sent - shipping in Denmark generally costs DKK 500. Small works under 50 x 50 cm cost DKK 300. Ceramics are sent at the buyer's responsibility. Shipments abroad cost DKK 1,000.


You can choose to pay the full amount right away, or you can choose to pay 10 percent when buying and the rest over 6-12 months.

You can pay in cash, by mobilepay, by card or by bank transfer.

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